“Am I ready for the promotion?”. Here is How to Know

No matter how long you have been at a company, when you are ready for promotion, you are ready! But the all important question is: How do I know I am ready for promotion.

Small difference between you and “the boss”.

If the person you report is not that much “superior” anymore due the small gap between the both of you, then it time to get the promotion a try! Talk to the powers that be—show them you are not ready but the right person for the job. And if they disagree, it is ok. Keep working at it and try in a few months time. 


 You are basically “the boss”.

Although you have a superior, you find yourself doing most the work either because it is part of your job description or the one you report to is incompetent. If it is either—especially the latter—drive it home, my dear. Don’t back off until you are given the promotion or a beautiful raise.


The manager always looks to you for advice.

Your mind, opinion and thoughts are valued over anyone else’s. That speaks volume and should be used to your advantage.

 You are always called upon to represent the company.

To outsiders, you are the face of company. Whether it is seminars, meetings, etc., you are always the representative of the company.


You actually love your job.

Not that your job is the center of your life but you love job and care about those who work in your department/office. Make it known.

Take the first step to the next level! Now! 


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