Red Flags In A Real Estate Ads That Should Make You Worry

Ever had the experience when you fall in love with a house from the ad and it turns to be a different thing when you show up to see it? This can be pretty annoying for sure but in the world of real estate, investors do this to be able to sell there property fast. We are here to help you understand what certain catch phrases means in real estate. Consider this as a decoding manual.

#1. Cozy

This warm and welcoming word can bring out positive vibes from buyers but make no mistake because it simply means that the house is small. If you have a large family, this cozy house is just not what you need.

#2. Custom

Most real estate investors run ads saying the house is custom made. It means the owner has adapted the house to their own personal taste. It might look nice but does the taste suits your lifestyle. Is the d├ęcor what you really want? Is the paint color your choice?

#3. Charming

Charming can make buyers want to run over to see the house right away after reading the ad but you will be disappointed to see that they meant was that the house is old. Houses built in the 50s or 60s are what investors term as charming. You will be making a big mistake to think that the charming house is like a celebrity mansion.

#4. Needs TLC

An ad that says the house needs TLC typically means it needs major repairs. If you are lucky it might just need a new paint. If you are less lucky, plumbing, wiring, or new roof will be on your to do list. Or even worse, needs to be re-built entirely. This is ok if rebuilding a house was part of your plan and your pockets can accommodate it, but if not, I can at least say i’ll feel sorry for you, I wonder how much that will be worth to you if you face this situation, not much I imagine.

#5. It is secluded!

Even though you might be thinking it means private or quiet but you are far from it. Just as the word means, secluded in an ad means that the house is possibly far away from the high way or even other neighbors.

#6. Recent face lift

You might be thinking the house will have a fresh look like a super star face lift but sadly it only means that painting has be done recently. You will go ahead to say that it is a great idea but this can be a sign that certain faults of the house are being hidden from you. Paints are used to hide certain faults like water stains or crack which signifies a poor foundation.


Reading through ads can increase your hopes and joys of getting the perfect house but will get heart broken when you find the opposite of what you read. One thing you should always have in mind is that in real estate, there are various techniques investors use to get the attention of buyers and using catching phrases are just a few.


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