6 Tips For Dealing With Inconsiderate Neighbors

Ever had those noisy neighbors that could not care less if you were disturbed or not? Perhaps you have tried talking to them but they simply won’t stop; well here are some tips to help you deal with your inconsiderate neighbors.

It is important to know that all humans are different and just because you prefer the quiet life does not mean they have to be the same. This is why we all must adapt and make compromises but sometimes, people will go too far and you might need to take some action. Here are a few steps you could take to help you deal with troublesome neighbors:

#1. Approach them

Many people shy away from this tactic because they’re afraid of confrontation, especially if their neighbor is a stranger. To get over your fears, don’t think of approaching your neighbor as a confrontation. Instead, think of it as a friendly chat, keeping in mind that your goal isn’t to start a fight, but to explain your concerns and see if you both can reach a compromise. You may learn that your “inconsiderate” neighbor isn’t so horrible after all.

#2. Try getting the issue resolved without involving a third-party

Initially it is advisable to first try to resolve the issue, without involving a third party. You will, however, need to pick the appropriate situation, location and time to approach your neighbor for the best results. For example, do not approach them during a noisy party, or stop and confront them at a supermarket.

#3. Talk to Your Landlord (if you have one)

You have the right to live in your home without being disturbed. (Lawyers call this the “implied covenant of quiet enjoyment.”) If a neighbor disturbs your peace, your landlord may need to step in to put an end to it. For example, your landlord might need to enforce a lease provision that sets aside certain hours as quiet time, against a tenant who makes a lot of noise late at night.

#4. Take Self-Help Measures

If talking to your neighbor and landlord doesn’t change the situation, there are some things you can do on your own. For example, creating white noise can help cancel out any offending sounds from an inconsiderate neighbor. Turn on a fan or play a CD of ambient sound effects. Or, consider investing in a good “white noise machine.” These small machines create a continuous, gentle sound of rushing air, which masks stray noises so that you can concentrate or relax. You can find these machines at most stores or online retailers that sell houseware.

#5. Wear earplugs

Wearing earplugs can help ensure you get a good night’s sleep and the peace and quiet you require to do some work or read a book.

#6. Buy air purifiers

These nifty machines not only make the air you breathe cleaner and healthier for you, but some may also mask cooking odors that might waft in from a neighbor’s apartment.

#7. Escalate

After speaking to your neighbor calmly and trying to reason with them on various occasions, when it has become apparent that they are indifferent to your feelings and comfort, then you may have to escalate by getting in touch with the relevant authority. For example, you can contact the local environment health officer from the council if your neighbor refuses to dispose of their garbage properly.


For a peaceful and healthy atmosphere, and to enjoy your home and make it your sanctuary follow these steps to dealing with your inconsiderate neighbors and we guarantee results.

In some extreme cases the police might need to be contacted due to the fact that your neighbor might be violating your rights, breaking the law, and causing conflicts on a continuous basis.


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