6 Tips For Finding Tenants

People looking to rent a home will need to have some reliable way of getting in touch with you, if you want to fill your vacant property. People are always in search of rental properties in various ways and various places, so it’s vital that you market your property using the right combination of methods that will get your property rented, and bringing in cash flow as soon as possible. Here are six proven methods for attracting potential tenants:

#1. Advertise on rental websites

The internet has become one of the greatest multi-purpose tools of this era, and is particularly effective for marketing, as almost half of the worlds population is online on a daily basis. Websites such as craigslist.com, enable you to list your rental property depending on the location, making it a lot easier to search for. Trulia.com also lets you post free details, which can be seen anywhere in the world. You could also do an online search to help find a site that points to your particular area.

#2. Use social media

Millions of people around the world use social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. You should create a Facebook page if you own a real estate business, or you could use your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts to let people know of the properties you have for rent. You could send tweets to your followers on Twitter, or detail your property on Facebook’s marketplace, and post status updates to spread the word.

#3. Advertise in print media

Although digital methods are becoming increasingly popular, advertising in newspapers could still aid your marketing efforts. Many people look for real estate ads in newspapers, and you can reach a very wide audience using this method. Weekends are a particularly good time to to advertise in newspapers, as this is when newspapers see the most traffic. This might cost you some money but if used effectively, will be well worth it.

#4. Advertise on bulletin boards

You can put up flyers and posters in the area where your property is located, on bulletin boards at churches, grocery stores, bus stops, laundromats, and etc.

To prevent people from ignoring your posters, try using large text with a colored photograph to draw their attention. Include a tear-off on the bottom of your flyers for interested people to take with them, and ensure that you include the property address, the number of rooms and your contact information.

#5. Erect a ‘For Rent’ Sign

You might not reach the masses by placing a ”For Rent” signpost on your property, but it would do no harm either. You can never tell if a passerby may be interested or may know someone looking for a home in the area. Ensure that your phone number can be clearly seen from street level.

#6. Make a special offer

People will like the idea of getting a deal or a discount. You can make a special offer on a free TV or give a discount on the rent if the client moves in by a certain date. A C$311 TV might seem expensive, but if you’re are requesting for C$1184 in rent, and the television gets you a tenant who moves in a month earlier, you would automatically be saving C$873, and as an added bonus, the cost of the TV will be tax deductible.


Don’t wait for long before responding to prospective tenants. If you don’t respond to their needs promptly, other landlords certainly will. If you don’t feel secure giving out your personal number, you can set up a Google voice account, which will give you a new number that can be made to ring to your current phone lines.


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