How To Make Your Landlord Become Fond Of You

Having a good cordial relationship with your landlord, and getting along with them, can help you get in their good book. We are not saying you should pretend to have them like you but for what its worth, there could be huge benefits of having a landlord that is fond of you. I guess some of the upside of this includes, getting extra attention from your landlord, regular house inspection and up keeping to make sure the house is in good condition. Even if you seem to be late on paying your rent, he/she can be able to be on understandable terms till you are able to pay up. You may wonder, how it’s possible to build that sort of relationship with your landlord or landlady? Our tips below can answer your question.

#1. Be On Agreeable With Your Neighbour

For those of you living in a neighbouring area, it is always good to be on friendly terms with your neighbours. They can have a lot to say about you to the landlord, be it good or bad things. A neighbour whom you get along with and comply with can put in a good word for you, whereas, a neighbour who you are always quarrelling or fighting with can easily destroy your reputation and play as a bad mediator. In case there’s a fallout between you and a neighbour, resolve the issue and be respectful enough to admit your wrongs. Don’t pay attention to nosy cranky neighbours, they will always complain about any ordinary things.

#2. Give Your Landlord Time.

Do you need to have something fixed around the house? Pestering your landlord won’t solve your problem neither will it make them like you. You might not necessarily need the repair immediately, so you might as well calm your horses and give your landlord enough time to come around. Don’t try to rush them and consistently bug them, you will only end up becoming an annoyance to them.

#3. Show Appealing Attributes Than The Previous Tenant.

Although you may not know, chances are, the person occupying the house before you ended up on the landlord’s bad side and had to move out at the end of the day. You definitely won’t want to end up being in that same boat, so you could at least try to show better qualities and be a good tenant for the mean time.

#4. Handle Things Once In A While On Your Own.

Your landlord might not sometimes be able to sort out all your repair and maintenances, they might get pretty busy and you will be required to chip in for them. You don’t have to do it every time, but every once in a while will save your landlord the stress and have them love you for lending a hand to help.

#5. Keep A Tight Security System.

Making sure your home is secured from burglary, and break-ins is a safety measure that can ensure your peace of mind and give the landlord a guarantee that you are a responsible individual ,who makes sure the house is in safe hands.

#6. Keep The House Spotless And In Good Condition.

Just because you don’t legally own the property, and only renting there does not mean you should carelessly treat it anyhow. Your landlord will appreciate and love you for your caretaking abilities, keeping the house clean and having the premises well kept.

#7. Speak To The Landlord Before making any big changes.

It is always better to talk to your landlord before you choose to make any huge changes in the house. They won’t be pleased if you end up changing things you met there on arrival. Inform them before going ahead with the decision, at least they’ll know what to expect.


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