6 Ways To Reduce The Noise Between Apartments

One of the things landlords have to deal with consistently, is noise. Noise can and does frequently lead to disputes between neighbors. It could be from arguing, loud music, or even from pets, and could get so frustrating and tiring to deal with.

As landlord, it will be very important that you get this problem under control, to prevent having some great tenants move out simply because they cannot handle the noise. Here are 6 effective ways to do this:

#1. Quiet hours policy

This is the very first step you will need to take, and it doesn’t involve any money. Make a quiet hours policy a part of your lease agreement that all tenants must sign and agree to. This policy should include the range of hours that should be noise-free: preferably from 9 PM to 9 AM. It should also include examples of acts that could violate the rules and the consequences that would follow. This would make the tenants understand that you are concerned about quietness, and serious about enforcing it.

#2. Add insulation to walls

Another way to reduce noise between apartments is to add insulation to walls. This will not only reduce the amount of sound that travels between apartments, but will also provide thermal comfort for tenants. You might be tempted to try this on your own if you’re a DIY person, but it might be best if you just got a professional to do it for you.

You could also opt for foam insulation boards that do not require walls to be cut open; it really just depends on your preferences.

#3. Plants

Plants can also help reduce the transmission of noise. A perfect example of a plant to surround your house for this purpose is shrubs. Plant shrubs near windows and in front of doorways, to absorb noise. It might cost you quite a bit, especially if you have to plant them in pots, but will definitely be worth it.

#4. Carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs are capable of absorbing sounds within a space. The more rugs or carpets you have and the thicker they are, the more they’ll be able to absorb and reduce noise.

#5. Wall hangings and curtains

Putting up wall hangings and curtains will not only help to reduce the amount of noise in the building, but will also add some style to the room. Curtains, however, can be placed anywhere, and still have same effect; place them on windows or across open spaces in the apartment. You could also get thicker curtains and have more amazing benefits.

#6. Install double pane windows

Another effective way to reduce exterior noise is by installing double pane windows. Although they are not cheap, you can be sure they will have amazing benefits for inhibiting noise.


Being proactive about reducing the amount of noise made on your property will make your tenants feel at ease, and encourage them to stay longer at your place.


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