Some Renovation Upgrades That Keep Your House Longer On The Market

There are some renovations that sellers do that will get prospective buyers rolling there eyes. When putting a house for sale, sellers should be mindful about the way they renovate the house. This is because your choice of décor can be quite different from those of buyers.

With the sole aim of making the house look great for buyers, it can also be the recipe of disaster. Here are some renovation upgrades that can prevent or prolong sale of your house.

#1.Hot tubs

Having a hot tub in the house is not a fancy idea everyone likes. Most buyers would prefer on deciding whether they want a tub or not. It is also expensive to upkeep a tub and having new unexpected expenses flashing in there minds is one thing buyers do not appreciate.

#2.Sound systems

Having expensive sound systems or home theaters is not what most buyers will envisage when looking for a house. Not every buyer love music as you do so it will be best to leave the house neutral so that prospective buyers will get the chance to design the house to there own taste.

#3.Decorative ornaments

Renovating the house with ornaments might just be the main reason why buyers are not coming back to close the deal of your house. Not everyone likes household ornaments and also your choice might not be the same as theirs. That is why to play things safe, leave all decors for prospective buyers to do themselves. What you might see as beautiful may be the things buyers hate.


The choice of paint color varies with different people and your main aim is to please every prospective buyer that comes to see the house. To prevent buyers rejecting there offer because of the way you boldly or dully paint the house, try using a neutral color that a buyer can easily adjust to or do slight changes.

#5.Overly fancy appliances

When doing renovations, sellers go over the top trying to find every way possible to impress buyers. But this might just be the downfall of the show because the tastes of buyers are different for yours. Having large cookers, ovens or even a fridge that is big enough for a restaurant is not at all a good idea. The cost of maintain such appliances is just one of the few reasons why buyers will not want to buy the house.

#6.Swimming pool

As much as it is a nice idea to take a dive in the comfort of your house, most buyers do not picture themselves having a pool in the house. Having a pool is one way of ruining your weekend because you will have to spend long hours cleaning it.

When doing any renovation to a house for sale, it is best to play safe by doing things in a simple way. Eventually when a buyer comes to live in the house, they get to decorate and do all the changes they want in there own way. 


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