Who Makes Better Tenants; Males Or Females?

Every landlord wants tenants that pay rent on time, have no or only minor complaints and leave no wear or tear in the property. Even though it is illegal to discriminate tenants on the bases of gender, it is nice to have an insight on which sex proves to be the best tenants. During the screening process, landlords get to know their potential tenants through the application forms but most times, their applications are hardly enough to give you a picture of how they will actually be as “your” tenant. We have distinguished various categories in which you can determine whether males or females are the best tenants.

#1. Payment of rent

This is a tough one to determine because even though females hate the embarrassment of having there landlords coming over to request for rent, they can also manipulate things in there favor by flattering or using other means to delay payment. Men on the other hand have there ego to deal with so they rather pay the rent early to prevent any confrontation. In this case, men are sometime better tenants when it comes to paying rent.


On the one hand a landlord may get less complaints from male tenants to come and fix things because they are more likely to try and fix things for themselves as sexist as it sounds. However men will most likely also damage property due to risky behavior, such as fighting, horesplay or less cleaning and dusting. Women on the other hand, may need more help with some of the oddjobs here and there. Just pray that you do not get a call at 2 am because their is a giant cockroach in the house!

#3. Wear and tear

As mentioned above, men can be more likely to responsible for wear and tear. As much as they may be more likely to try to fix things for themselves this does not necssarilly mean they will leave it in the same condition as it was before the damage! Women on the hand, a more like to clean up after themselves and keep your property tidy.

When it comes to discussing whethe it is easier to rent to women or men, there can be no dinitive answer as they are factors to consider for both sides. When it is all said and done, nothing beats a thorough background check and this should be done without fail on ll poteinal tenants.


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