5 Very Basic Tips For Working Smarter

Many of us have been wired to believe that anything can be done through hard work and while this is not totally wrong, it’s obvious that not all hardworking people end up successful. Maybe working hard isn’t enough, and working smart might just be the only thing that will separates you from every other person.

We’ll be looking at ways you can work smarter and get what you want, rather than working hard for long hours and achieving little or close to nothing.

#1. Improve your time management skills

How well do you manage your time? Do you spend 3 hours of your 8 working hours doing things that are not so relevant? Abandon any idea of multitasking to avoid losing your focus; fewer tasks will give you more space and energy to focus on what you have to do. You should also form the habit of setting a reasonable deadline and doing everything you can to meet up with that deadline. Finally, be conscious of the passage of time and monitor how much you do within the space of minutes or hours.

#2. Work around your strengths and weaknesses

No one knows you better than yourself; you know where you are lacking and where you are strong. If your weaknesses are drawing you back, leave them behind and proceed to what you know you can do best. You don’t have to always do it all alone; you could ask for help from people who are good at that particular thing you are struggling with.

#3. Recognize and eliminate distractions

Before you can get rid of distractions, you have to know what exactly is distracting you. Sometimes, it could be that extra tab you opened on the browser that isn’t in any way connected to what you are working on. Stealing into Facebook, twitter, and some other distracting websites, could steal your focus, which you might struggle to regain.

#4. Use typing shortcuts

You can speed up your work by improving your typing skills, and learning relevant shortcuts on the keyboard. Believe it or not, fast typing will actually save you a substantial amount of time, particular if you have a lot of typing to do.

#5. Be concise

In everything you set out to do, learn to always get straight to the point. When introducing yourself to new clients, typing a mail, and so on, make it easy for people to get whatever you want to say, easily. This will buy you a bit more time. Sharpen your elevator speech, such that when you speak, within 30 seconds to 1 minute, you are already passing out your point and making people understand what you specialize in.


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