How An Open House Can Hurt The Sale Of Your Home

A lot of people believe that an open house is a good means for finding a buyer. Especially people that have been trained. Sometimes it might be harmful. Here are ways in which an open house can be more harm than good to you and how you can avoid such mistakes.

#1. The internet is one major killer

Well, now buyers do most of their research online, no more driving around from one open house to another. They just weigh all their options online before contacting any real estate agent. A lot of websites and mobile apps are available for house searches, and it is always updated with new information. As a result of this, you might want to reconsider an open house as a selling tool.

#2. You spend more money

Hosting an open house is not exactly an open and shut matter. It takes a lot of time and energy. We all know that time is money. The cost of planning an open house is expensive. You have to organize some refreshments such as cakes and drinks for starters. You have to weigh the amount of energy required to prepare for and host an open house against the expected outcome. Is it worth it?

#3. Theft Risk

Another risk is the theft risk. Your personal belongings may get stolen. Well, this might not happen every time you organize an open house, but there’s a probability of it happening. You know, considering that it is a public event, which can also be an opportunity for a thief to come in and steal your things. They can use this medium to scope out the house for a future break in. This is something you should consider.

#4.Your only visitors may be your curious Neighbors

A lot of people go into open houses, both those in the market and outside the market. Some might just be curious about what your home looks like. Some might just come for the fun of time passing. You have to face the reality, opening your house for people to come and see can be a hassle. Serious buyers don’t always wait for open houses as they can just contact an agent to show them different houses.

#5.Your real estate agent may end up benefitting more from your Open House than you.

Your visitors might not really like the house so they talk to your agents to show them other houses. The internet has changed everything. Gone are those days when the only way you could find buyers was by planning an open house. Not only does it take time and energy, you are opening up your house for strangers.


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