Selling A Property Whose Previous Inhabitant Was Recently Deceased

The passing away of a loved one can be a very emotionally draining moment. Death can leave people vulnerable and not in the best state of mind to make important decisions. When a deceased member leaves behind a house, it is preferable to have an agent who is not emotionally attached to the family or the home take care of renting or selling the property. In this article, you will get to find out things that are involved in selling a property of a deceased person.

#1. Communicate to buyers

Putting up a house for sale that belongs to a deceased person can be tricky as a lot of buyers will be influenced by superstition or the idea that the house may be haunted. It is best to inform prospective buyers about the death of the previous owner if this is the case. Buyers may feel cheated if you fail to let them know of this piece of information which they might come to find out from other sources. Word spreads around fast within the neighborhood and other people will inform buyers about such happenings.

#2. Allow agents to handle price

Pricing a house of a deceased member can become a tussle between members because some members might offer to over price the house because of the memory of the deceased person. While others might price it too low with the aim of having buyers fast. Having an agent is a good way to deal with this situation. An agent will be in a better position to address any misgivings about the property and focus on the aspects that make the property a great buy.

#3. Cancel bills

The bills will not stop coming in so when a family member passes away, inform the various utility service providers of the situation so that they will stop their services until further notice. Also, if the house is going to be vacant for a certain period, some aspects of the house should be cut off. For instance, the water supply can be cut off for the moment to prevent any leakage and electricity should also be shut down to prevent any fire outbreak or the like.

#4. Remodel the house

Family members and loved ones can get attached to any memory left behind by the deceased person. The house can be view as a constant reminder of the times they shared. To ease a little on such pains, the house can be remodeled to something new so it will have a different look.

Other issues

It is important also to find out if the deceased member had shared the house key with any other individual. This can help to protect the house from theft or uninvited persons from coming into the house when no one is around. Or someone might come live in the house unknowingly while you are deciding on selling it.


Having to let go of the memory of a loved one can be very devastating for people and the house a person lived in can be one of the greatest forms of reminder. Which is why when deciding to sell it, going with the help of an agent is most advisable to enable you to make productive decisions.


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