Families Planning To Relocate From Vancouver

It has become evident cthat a lot of families residing in Vancouver have been vacating the city due to the issue of lack of affordable houses and the unavailability of vacant homes. Based on a recent staff survey that the City Council received, it states that about 60 percent of the people living in Vancouver have decided on moving out if they do not find a suitable or affordable place to stay in over the coming three years. To have this issue fixed and ensure the residents do not relocate, the staff has suggested that the council local force developers should start putting in two and three bedroom units in their housing structures.

The Councillor, Kerry Jang commented on the situation and said, “It’s taken a bit of time to get the development industry on the side because they had concerns about it. Prior to that, everybody just wanted condos, condos, condos — everyone went condo crazy. Now, everyone wants rentals because we know over 50 per cent of Vancouverites rent and there’s just not enough places to rent, period.”

He was not surprised at the escalation of the whole situation.

For over 25 years, only five percent of the housing units that were added in Vancouver have had three bedrooms, even though most of the families in the city said that’s the type of house they prefer living in. Most of the houses have units large enough to accommodate the family or either luxury style property or are way over the budget of most families. Recorded in the census data, it shows that only 100 families became newly settled in Vancouver, from the year of 2006 and 2011. The presentation to the council which was reported by the staff was done in order for the city to ponder on adding two and three bedroom units as part of the new improvements.


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