Housing Firm and Shipping Company Make Headway With Shipping Container Homes

In Edmonton, Alberta, housing firm HonoMobo in collaboration with shipper container company, BigSteelBox Structures, is introducing shipping container homes into the city for the first time.

The joint-venture is an opportunity for the two businesses to capitalize on alterations in Edmonton’s laws on residences. Alterations include reductions in the size of lots, increase in height requirements and more lenience as far as site locations are concerned. This has made it a perfect opportunity for the production and distribution of shipping container homes as they make a commendable fit with the new laws. It can potentially be a quite rewarding venture as well as shipping container homes pose as a more affordable housing option.

HonoMobo choose Alberta as their place of operations due to the fact Alberta’s oil exploits have waned recently, mostly due to the fact of a substantial drop in oil prices. Therefore, a building that was formerly used to produce oilfield objects turned out to be the ideal location to set up base. So far the venture has sold 8 units since its opening and is well in line to the sell its target of 50.

HonoMobo container homes range from 200 to 1,200 square feet in size and have starting prices of $99,000.


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