Laborers In Richmond Struggling With Housing Affordability

The laborers that are working in Richmond, BC are not able to afford the cost of living in the area, and it would bring about a major problem for the businesses in the city. The Chamber of Commerce in Richmond said that the cost of houses is driving the laborers working there out of the city.

A research came up with a result that 65 percent of the people working at businesses in the city go back and forth with 60 percent referring to the expensive homes that most are not able to afford to live in or buy.

The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Rob Akimow told a news reporting firm that the normal price that one can get for a detached home in Richmond is worth $1.7 million. He also said that the policy of the government, particularly the Agricultural Land Reserve and any aviation related issues has a restriction on heights.

Rob Akimow mentioned that: “density is the key.” They want to urge as well as encourage others and campaign for all of the levels involved with the federal government, to persist and carry on to construct their regional policy in line with the provision of cheap houses to enable densification and affordability.


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