A Go-Ahead Given For Marijuana To Be Planted In Homes

Times have changed, as patients with prescriptions will now be given the opportunity to grow marijuana for medical purposes in their privacy of their homes. This new law which is the Access to Cannabis Medical Purposes Regulations, will go into effect as of the 24th of August.

Although there will be different centres that will be certified providers of marijuana for medical purposes, parents will no longer need to have their prescriptions fulfilled at the other 34 authorized issuers according to the revised rules. The executive director of Santé Cannabis, Adam Greenblatt said: “The more choices, the better for patients.”

He further said that this will cut down on cost for those that are using marijuana for medical reasons, as insurance companies do not cover the bill for such matters. It becomes a problem for them to afford it or gain easy access to medical marijuana space. He also noted that the abuse of marijuana will be reduced.

He stated that, “For each gram per day that a patient consumes they’re allowed to grow five plants indoors or two plants outdoors.” Another amendment has been; if some patients are not able to grow the plants by themselves, they can have someone else do it for them. A worker at the Canadian Public Health Association, Ian Culbert said, “It creates a very grey area in the law especially when a caregiver can grow on behalf of someone else.”


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