Detached Sidewalks To Be Upgraded

This is not the first time for a developer to help in the infrastructure development of the society. However, in this scenario, it seems  strange when that means constructing a sidewalk that is detached beside the Yellowhead Highway in the little town of Smithers in BC.

A business tycoon, Trevor Bruintjes has developed and had his properties improved on Frontage Road in the town. The laws of the council imposed that the sidewalk which had a 100 foot stretch was built, despite the fact that it is not attached with any roads on either sides.

The picture of the sidewalk is in the possession of the Province, with reports stating that the town mayor is in agreement with the sidewalk looking more amusing but must still keep to the principal: “….past councils and this one have committed to improving the walkability along the corridor. The way we do that is through development.”

An offer was made by Bruintjes to help the council with $10,000 worth of cash, which costed him to build the path in order for the council to use the cash and have the sidewalks improved and much better looking. However, it was rejected.


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