Concerns Raised About Rental Bidding Conflicts In Vancouver

Fears and concerns have been raised as a recent online service that gives tenants the opportunities to have their bids submitted online to landlords has made the bidding wars go up and this isn’t good news for the rental market in Vancouver.

The LandlordBC along with the association’s David Hutniak is against (the online site). They also reported to a new reporting site that any app that will contribute or encourage bidding wars to increase is a cause for alarm and increases concerns.

Bidwell argues and opposed the services of the site, saying that it will facilitate and lead to bidding wars because of the use of bids that are anonymous and sealed from others. The CEO who also happens to be the Co-founder of the site said that their service is mainly to ensure tenants have the chance to be heard and be voiced out, as well as help homeowners and landlords to get tenants that are responsible and reliable.


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