Schools in Sharjah Have Been Warned Against Inconsistent School Fees

Officials in the Sharjah Educational Zone on Thursday announced that schools should restrain from making inconsistent school fees.

This statement came as concerns were raised by parents as a well-recognized private school unexpectedly decided to increase tuition fees after the summer recess.

According to the Sharjah Media Center, a school is only allowed to increase its tuition fees when it has fulfilled all the requirements given by the Sharjah Educational Zone. Some requirements include development of the school infrastructure, the level of administrative, teaching and technical staff and the educational and social services provided by the school.

In order to see that schools comply with these regulations, the Sharjah Educational Zone supervisory committee and Ministry of Education will be conducting checkups on schools on a regular basis. Schools will be monitored and evaluated. If a school happens to increase on its tuition fees without meeting with the set conditions, then they will be faced the actions against such practices by the authorities.

Furthermore in regards to an increase in the bus fees, penalties will also be given to schools that are not given the permission by the Sharjah Educational Zone and the ministry to carry out the increase.

There are 232 schools in Sharjah which includes 125 public schools according to data given by the Sharjah Educational Zone. In addition to these, 5 new private schools have been opened this academic year.

The Sharjah Educational Zone has put measure in place to ensure that everything goes on smoothly during this new academic year. It wants to create a safe and healthy environment for students.

During this new academic year, much emphasis will be put towards the improvement of Arabic syllabus and materials. Schools that have been advancing at a slower pace in this regard will also be assisted to increase on their output.

There Sharjah Educational Zone has also made it a point of duty to increase supervisors on school buses and trains to help keep students safe, as this matter had be discussed on several occasions when the Sharjah Educational Zone visited various schools.

The issue of gender separation is also key during this academic year, as male supervisors will not be allowed into buses or trains of female students, likewise female supervisors in male student buses.

Further measures have also been take to ensure that students are safely driven to and from school but the various buses. Furthermore, measures have been taken to help prevent violence in schools between students and teachers.


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