KMI Makes Profit 500

KMI, the publishing and events company happens to take the place at the top of the list of Canadian Business Profit 500 list. They have made the list for four consecutive years. The Toronto-based company has been a major player in Canadian Real Estate, and had a revenue growth of 101% for five years, as a help to enable them be part of the high-status list.

The president of CEO of KMI Publishing Events, Tim Duce said; “We are the only publishing company that has been on the list for four consecutive years; proof that we have quality products and a robust, scalable business model in a time when so many media companies are downsizing. It is thanks in no small part to our readers and clients. We will continue to help them grow their own businesses in their respective industries while providing the quality content they’ve come to expect. We look forward to many more years of aggressive growth both in Canada and globally.”

The firm has gone from being a one-little office in Canada and has expanded into a world-class content and events provider, in HR, real estate, wealth spaces, mortgages and insurance. Some time ago, KMI had new offices set up in Singapore and London.


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