Mortgage Company To Save More If They Are To Adopt Blockchain

Based on the latest report, it indicated that the taking on of blockchain technology by monetary services and mortgage lenders will have a positive effect on mortgage prices. Capgemini analyzed that the industry will cut back on losses and help save more cash if they will take up blockchain based ‘smart contracts’.

Using the figures from EU and US, it mentioned those that are preserving and saving their money will be able to have up to US11 billion at the end of each year.  The contracts that are currently in the pipeline, being developed by financial companies will help bring the parties together in a contract on one whole platform where the process and cutting down on the amount of forms needed in order to save time will be simplified and thoroughly explained.

Stated in the report; “This could translate to an average saving of between $480 and $960, or eleven to twenty-two percent on mortgage arrangement and account fees for consumers.” If the industry should accept the decision and adopt blockchain smart contracts, homeowners will be able to see savings on insurance products.


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