Deal Between Ontario And FNF Extended

The deal to make provision of residential property information to real estate appraisers in Ontario has been extended by the real estate and mortgage service company, Fidelity National Finance along with the non-profit MPAC.

The Director of Real Estate and Strategic Accounts Business Development at MPAC, Chris Fusco said; “FNF has provided a data solution to appraisers that has been well received in the industry and has made access to residential property data economical and efficient.”

So long as the deal has been extended, this gives opportunity for appraisers to be able to have access to data and information given out by MPAC via the FNF’s platform, while both of the organisation will continue to work together as a team to discover new methods they can use to deliver greater combination of the information that is being delivered.

Fusco added that; “We’re excited that real estate appraisers have taken advantage of the FNF platform and are pleased that MPAC’s data will continue to be provided in a way that is cost-effective and beneficial to the appraisal industry.”


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