The Booming Real Estate Market Raising Money For Those In The Printing Industry

Bob Faulkner is a businessman who owns a printing company called Metropolitan Fine Printers and prefers the location of the marketing material he’s promoting to be disclosed as he added that one of his clients is willing to “pay through the nose” in order to promote up to four luxury condominium apartments worth $10 million. Sources say that the print job costs $30,000.

“It’s a bit like vinyl,” he says, emphasizing on the rebirth of the printing industry with the return to help out LPs. Although the printing industry may not be booming as compared to other aspects of the business market such as real estate or banking, however, some people are still fond of it, particularly exclusive markets including high-end real estate.

Bob has acquired a lot of expertise in the business as he spent 50 years in the printing industry.

“That $30,000 is peanuts when you’re selling $40 million in property. It’s not even (0.1 per cent) — I’m thinking ‘Thirty-thousand bucks!’ But for them it’s a rounding error,” Faulkner said.

His company currently employs over 120 individuals and has its main headquarters in Vancouver and Calgary. It also has branches in Toronto as well, where it was known as ‘Corporate Publications’ but he gets half of his funding from real estate.

According to a survey conducted by Altus Group last year, ordered by the Canadian real Estate Association, it was discovered that between 2012 and 2014, the B.C. resale housing market created job opportunities for more than 33,000 Canadians.

Almost $4.7 billion was raised as a result of this spinoff, and not to mention the past 10 months.

The chief economist at the British Columbia Estate Association, Cameron Muir reported in an interview that the rate at which people are driven to the province has increased by 5% due to the annualized job growth, and that affects the demand for housing.

“Typically, about five per cent to six per cent of your (gross domestic product) is residential construction and almost just that much in renovation,” he said.


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