Canada’s Real Estate after Trump Victory in the US

The results of the US elections are in and the Republicans have won all across the board. From Donald Trump becoming president to Republicans being the majority in the senate and the house. It is too soon to tell what impact this will have on the US and the world at large, but it certainly has already had an impact on the real estate market in Canada.

Ever since Donald Trump emerged as the Republican nominee for presidential candidate, almost half of America was against him and everything that he stood for. In the long year that led to last night’s elections, there was a lot of mudslinging and polarity between democrats and republicans.

In the minds of the average democrat, Donald Trump is evil incarnate and many of these people who so vigorously hate Trump promised themselves and to others that if Trump ever got elected as president of the United States, they would migrate to Canada, instead of staying home under the governance of Trump.

In the run up to the elections, Donald Trump made many goofs on live television, which had convinced the democrats that he couldn’t possibly get elected as he was so openly racist, sexist and bigoted in general. However, the people have voted now and they have voted against the Establishment by voting for Trump.

Now that the reality of a Trump led government is slowly sinking into the minds of American democrats, they are probably just as determined as before to migrate to Canada to get away from Trump’s supposedly fascist regime.

Although many democrats promised that they would migrate to Canada if Trump won, Canadians should not seriously expect a flood of them coming to live in Canada just because Trump won the election. However, according to analysts and experts, the elections will have a positive effect on Canada’s real estate values due to the perceived increased demand caused by immigrants from America.

Canadian real estate already has a reputation as being a reliable and stable market to invest in with regards to real estate. With Donald Trump winning this election, it is more likely to increase the perception of the value of Canadian real estate.

Most Canadian citizens have been shocked by the result as they couldn’t imagine that someone like Donald Trump could actually get elected as a president. With the promises of numerous American democrats to migrate to Canada in case Trump got elected, local Canadians are now trying to prepare themselves for an influx of Americans expected to migrate to Canada.

With Trump in charge of Canada, the policies of Canada and the US will be glaringly different. Canada is being led by a very liberal government, whereas Trump will most likely fill his cabinet with strict conservatives who are against most liberal values, such as gay marriage rights, sexism and other issues usually associated with democratic liberals.

So for now, if you are in Canada, don’t buy into the hype of American democrats migrating to Canada in droves. However, be prepared for at least some of them to fulfill their promise and migrate to Canada now that Trump is in charge of the US.

So if you own any pieces of property in Canada, hold on to them for now as their value may rise dramatically in the coming weeks and months, depending on how well or bad Trump runs the country he is now the president of.


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