Data security, a cause for concern for Microsoft Canada

Six out of ten Canadian senior-level business leaders, who participated in a Microsoft Canada Inc. research, expressed doubt in regards to the security status when relocating to the cloud.

In a statement released by Microsoft Canada, the major concern for 58% of its respondent in a research about digital modification, were informed of security issues when relocating to cloud.

Coupled up with this claim is the fact that 47% also had concerns with privacy.
But these findings have little effects on the relocation to cloud, as some businesses claim that a digital procedure is their main priority in 2017, while other business say that they are already utilizing cloud as it performs a vital role in digital procedure.

However Microsoft Canada responded to the findings from the research saying, “the research brings to light concerns and confusion in regards to security and readiness when it comes to managing information.”

About 21% of the respondents however stated that they are well prepared in an event of a data issue.

from the research, some of the most important finding showed that, 85% of the respondents prefer to have their business information remain in Canada, 89% also stated that they want their existing IT investments to harmonize with their cloud service provider and 90% of the respondents saw it important for the cloud providers to be in partnership with the government to fight against cyber attacks.

According to Janet Kennedy, president of Microsoft Canada, “the findings prove that business executives need to be assured that their information system is safe and being kept in Canada. It is also important for business with uncompromising agreement standards, particularly government, and healthcare organizations.


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