Canadian Toy Association has identified top trends in the industry

The Christmas season is fast approaching and many kids dream of receiving special toys from loved ones as gifts. And for Lily-Anne Silverio, a 3 year old and many other kids, a Barbie Dreamhouse is their choice for Christmas.

But this is just not the normal Barbie Dreamhouse, it a high- technology smart house that is designed to recognize where Barbie is located in the house, has speech recognition and stairs that change into a slide.
And according to the amazed Katrina, Lily-Anne’s mom, another kid told her that the toilet flushes and the elevators work.

Kids across Canada were at the Canadian Toy Association’s Hot TOY for the Holidays event where they get to see the top toys from the year displayed. Children also get the chance to test out the toys and pick out their favorite.
During the event this year, the Canadian Toy Association distinguished five toys that were most loved by kids. They include tech toys, family centric games, creator games, brain boosters and collectibles.
And while the toys comprises of these groups, it was quite evident that most of the kids were drawn to toys with modern technology.

Family-centric toys were also loved by kids even though they have been around for many ways. But this is made possible because of the modern technologies that have also been included in the toys.
Somerville made an example of the Hasbro Gaming’s Simon Air saying in the past, it was a large unit and you followed the colors but they are now quite different.

But even though new technologies toys have become the center of attraction for kids, the classic toys are still not forgotten. Apart some kids have gone through majority of the present day toys, they still return back to play with the B. Rodeo Rocker and the Hot Wheels toys.
Somerville added that there is no doubt that tech toys are on the increase but he is pleased that there is still a balance between tech toys and classic toys.


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