Google & Honda Talking Towards A Business Agreement

Honda is talking Google in to have the tech company’s self-driving technology installed in Honda vehicles. According to Honda, teaming up with the Google car unit called Waymo, will allow researchers a chance to get more knowledge about assimilation of sensors, computers and software.

The maker of the automobile mentioned that if they come to an agreement, Waymo will have vehicles provided to them, as they adapted to taking care of the technology. The taskforce of Waymo will be joined together by Honda, which involves Chrysler Pacifica minivans and Lexus SUVs.

Honda said they are planning on having autonomous vehicles put on the highways by the year 2020. The possible conglomeration will be the latest in an outbreak of self-driven vehicle agreements that was recently made between automakers and technology companies. Since the year 2009, Google has been working on sensors and software, and has been taking autonomous cars on test drive for quite a while.


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