MP’s urge Canada Post to bring back door-to-door delivery

A parliamentary committee urged on Tuesday that door-to-door mail conveyance be restored in areas that lost the service a year ago.

The committee says that in view of its hearings, Canadians are interested in mail being conveyed less than five days a week, yet that does not fit the business models of either Canada Post or its paying customers.”

Rather, the board recommends increments in postal rates, muses about extending Canada Post’s order to give cellular services or broadband Internet, including email services or “the basis for a Canadian social network,” and proposes the company join forces with e-commerce companies to increase revenues.

The corporation started lessening door to door conveyance a year ago, contending that it could save up to $450 million every year by moving 5 million more deliveries to community mailboxes. The committee said Canada Post gave “weak” financial data to bolster the evaluation.

The committee notes that 830,000 locations have been moved to community mailboxes to date, bringing about a yearly saving of $80 million.

Canada Post declared in late 2014 that it wanted to wipe out the service by 2019 as an approach to address dropping letter volumes.

An expert’s report gave to the government team instructed to audit Canada Post operations, which was also cited in the committee report, projected that Canada Post wouldn’t be feasible in the long-term without far reaching changes.


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