Transport activists and residents plan panel for the future of Scarborough transportation

The panel which is being planned is meant to be scheduled or implemented on March 27th at exactly 6:30 pm at the Village Reaction Centre of Scarborough. This will include the exponents of the one-stop subway and light-rail alternative. This will happen a day before the council members of Scarborough will have a meeting at the city hall to oppose a notorious subway plan. During the panel, there will be a release from the two groups called Scarborough Transit Action and Scarborough Residents Unite.

The chairman of Scarborough Transit Action, Brenda Thompson said that she believes that every resident of the city of Scarborough has the right to see the two transportation plans planning on being implemented so that they can be compared side-by-side. She also believes that all the transportation options should be brought out openly with their fact stated clearly in an objective way. By doing this, it will be easier to access the transportation needs of Scarborough’s top priority neighborhoods.

Not long ago, there was a meeting at Scarborough’s town hall that was sponsored by the developer of Oxford properties and renew Scarborough. These two groups encouraged the plan which included building a one-stop subway extension that would go all the way to Scarborough’s Town Centre. This new plan for a one-stop subway is believed to take over from the five-stop Scarborough RT which is at a price of about $3.35 billion. Critics and other residents of Scarborough believe that the one-stop subway will be extremely economic and help save Scarborough’s economy.

However, there’s been a subway plan that included building an 18-stop LRT. This 18-stop LRT will move from Kennedy Station into Eglinton Avenue East and then it will go into the University of Toronto’s Scarborough Campus.

People believe that the $1.67 billion line will most likely be funded by the provincial and federal governments. But then again, none of them have committed to funding this line.


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