PotashCorp is Suffering from Weak Prices

The fertilizer company of the Saskatchewan Inc., PotashCorp, has seen earnings down 71% from 2015 in its 4th quarter. Reason being weak prices and proit margins. The company has really lost a lot of money—US$142M! It’s net worth was US$201 in 2016. The current net worth does not include assets.

We will find out more about that in February because the company is being audited. Earnings per share—not including assets—has fallen to 7cents US from a previous 24cents US.

Sales revenue have fallen by almost US$300M to US$1.06B from US$1.35B in the 4th in 2015.

Potash is not Saskatchewan Inc.’s only main product; nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers have also suffered from weak prices. Potash sales volumes was up 27 per cent from the 4th quarter of 2015. Other volumes were changed but only a little.


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