What to do When you have a nightmare neighbor

Family members dont always get along so it should not come as a surprise if you and your neighbor butt heads in the beginning of your neighborly relationship. Just remember that communication is key and dont walk over to your neighbor with pre-conceived notions of what you think he/she is. Here are 3 steps:


Why not invite your neighbor over for drinks or for a Sunday afternoon lunch! Create a relaxed environment in which he/she can feel comfortable to open up to you. If your neighbor is a bit of an introvert, he/she might not want to come over to your place so be patient and always maintain a cordial relationship.


Avoid creating problems between yourself and your neighbor. Take for example, a party. You are throwing a party and there is music. Give your neighbor a head’s up and invite them over as show of good faith.


If you have a problem with your neighbor—like the constant loud music in the middle of the night, call the police when it is necessary but the most important thing is communication. 

Just be respectful all the way.


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