Microsoft Corp. steps in to try and change President Trump’s mind

Microsoft is stepping in to “alleviate” President Trump’s harsh immigration order that bans Muslims from 7 countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The company recommended to the President that he should allow individuals from these countries into America for business or the case of a family emergency if they have a valid work visa or student visa once they have not committed any crimes under a suggested program.

This idea was outlined in a letter sent by the tech giant’s president, Mr. Brad Smith, to the Secretaries of Homeland Security and State, John Kelly and Rex Tillerson, jointly.

Mr. Smith basically said that both Secretaries have the combined power to make this proposition happen.

But the question is: Do they have the backbone to go against Donald Trump or to even talk him down from this executive order?

Microsoft Corp. is not the only company vocal about their opposition for the President’s decision; this includes Google-owned Alphabet Inc., Inc. and Apple Inc.

One could argue that the only reason why these tech giants and companies are “complaining” is simply due to the fact that the order affects them seeing that a lot of the people who work in Silicon Valley and tech companies come from outside the American borders; it looks more like a self-centered interests for this proposed program to be created but that is by the wayside.

By the way, forty-one of the 76 independent employees at Microsoft are affected by this ban.

I rest my case.

Holders of the H-1B visa—a temporary work visa that the tech sector depends on getting outside persons will be covered. Green card holders are not affected by this executive order. As of now, H-1B holders from any one of these 7 nations is still banned. 


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