Jordan And Kuwait Carriers Lifts Ban Of laptops On U.S. Flights In The Wake Of Upgrading Security.

On Sunday, the national carriers of Jordan and Kuwait declared that travelers will at the end of the day be permitted to carry individual gadgets, including laptops, on board U.S.- bound flights, terminating a ban that had been forced in March.

The U.S. had issued the ban over concerns Islamic State fighters and different radicals could hide bombs inside laptops.

Royal Jordanian said Sunday it had executed “enhanced security measures” in accordance with U.S. Division of Homeland Security requirements. The carrier did not depict the new measures.

Kuwait Airlines said the choice to lift the ban came after U.S. authorities assessed the carrier’s security criterion.

The U.S. had restricted tablets from plane lodges on direct, U.S.- bound flights from 10 cities in the Middle East and Turkey in March.

A few of these carriers have gotten clearance as of late to finally lift the ban.

Regal Jordanian works 16 week after week direct flights to Chicago, New York and Detroit non-stop.


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