This is When you Know it is Time to Change Jobs

We sometimes get caught up in the “at least I have a job” mentality forgoing our desires of having a job that we actually like. This article will affirm the inner voice that is telling you to change jobs. This is how you know it time to change jobs: 


1. Stressed up

Life has its stresses. We have accepted that but when if your constantly and continuously stressed up, it is time to leave. If the stress is coming between you and your good health, it is time to go. Plain and simple because if you were to—God forbid—drop dead at work due to stress, you will get replaced and life will go on. So put yourself first.


2. Dead end

No matter how hard you work—taking up more responsibilities and working extra hours on the weekends—your boss cannot see your potential and keeps you in the same position you have been in for the past 5 years. I don’t have to tell you what you need to do.


3. Who am I?

You find yourself becoming a different person from who you truly are; you become a snub, arrogant, disrespectful to fit in with the crowd. This is only an example but if you do change your personality because of work, leave!


4. Weekend havens

As soon as the alarm sounds at 5 a.m. on a Monday morning, you look forward to Saturday morning! You just want the week to flash before your eyes so you do not have to repeat the usual routine that leaves you so stressed that you feel like you are about to have a heart attack.

5. You absolutely detest Mondays!


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