Reason Linked To Why Lenders Lose Most Of Their Customers

Due to an incident of a cyber-attack, banks, insurers and mortgage lenders have been cautioned of an exodus that is likely to happen, as it was disclosed in a research that there is a bridge between reality and the expectation of customers.


83 per cent of most monetary firms and banks are benefiting from high levels of trust and confidence shown by the customers, however, based on a survey by global consultancy Capgemini, about 21 per cent of executives are very confident of knowing and becoming aware of a cyber breach, talk less of fighting against it.


A study made across 8 countries showed that 65 per cent of customers always recognize and take note of trust of personal data and security when it comes to selecting a bank or insurer, and 74 per cent would exit and eventually leave during a breach. Apart from the threat posed, the study showed that 71 per cent of establishments security strategy isn’t in equilibrium neither are their privacy practices data strong.


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