Ontario New Housing Rules Settle New Construction Numbers For Country

Garry Marr from the financial post cited that the Canadian housing statistics fell 8.6% in May from April, a debility fueled by an enormous withdrawal in new home construction, as Ontario moved to cool the  housing market in Toronto”.

Canadian rates and macro tactician at BMO Capital Markets, Benjamin Reitzes, noted “the story in May was the huge drop in Ontario, subsequent on the new housing rules the province executed on April 20th”.

He revealed that the fall of Toronto’s housing initialized way back in April from 44.4% registered, subsequent on a 22.7% to 22,600. “This was the bottom-most level for statistics in the city since September 2014”, GM noted.

“If activities maintain a passive mode for at least a few more months, do not be astonished that the housing market would incorporate the changes. The heave in current supply we have seen over the past two months, could also aid confine home building activity as buyers have more choices” said Reitzes.

A provincial judgment was made to disclose a 16 point strategy to cool the housing market, which incorporated a 15% tax on foreign buyers and hard-hitting rent control measures. This will undoubtedly confine the number of landlords who can charge tenants in buildings constructed after 1991, a move impacting condo investors looking for income property.

Brian Johnson, chief operating officer of Mattamy Homes said “there is mostly an unsteady gap between statistics and sales and surely sales have dropped. Although it is not like 1989 when markets dried up.”

An economist with Royal bank Canada, Josh Nye, says he anticipates a cooling effect in the second half of the year adding that “it appears a bit premature to feature this debility in Ontario, to guiding changes that began to cool the city’s hot resale market in April, statistics usually lag resale activity. Therefore we think the true regulatory induced slowdown will take hold this year”, says Nye.

J C Loum


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