Lawsuit Against Canadian Phone Maker Gets Heated

The Canadian phone maker, Blackberry, is being sued for allegedly not giving employees termination entitlements when they were moved to the Ford Motor Company of Canada.

The company obviously denies this and says that it will “vigorously” defend itself. But it begs the question: “If the employees are lying—which is what the company is insinuating—then why does Blackberry feel the need to “defend vigorously?”.

Who is suing the company? 

It is some 300 past and current employees.

According to the lawsuit filed, Blackberry knowingly misled employees. How? Well, it is alleged that the company told the more than 300 employees that they had in effect resigned upon accepting employment with Ford Canada in the fall of last year.

The settlement is now in the amount of $20M in damages.

All of these allegations have yet been proven in a court of law but you the lawyers on both sides are investigating.


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