Jim Smith Appointed As Real Estate Association President

The London and St Thomas Association of Realtors have undergone a change of administrative power, with an introduction of a new president who will serve the association in the meantime.

Jim Smith who happens to be a London real estate agent has been privileged enough to be given the position as the new president of the association for this fiscal business year.

Jim Smith is a real estate veteran, who has also worked as a sales representative for Sutton Group Select Realty. He expressed his gratitude and said he very much honored to have this position given to him, he hopes to serve well and be efficient in the course of his 2017 run.

Jim is also of LSTAR’s Executive Committee, the Political Affairs Conference (PAC) Team and the Governance Committee; all of which he already serves on.

He was also recognized and given an award in the past, a previous winner of the Michelle Montour Memorial Award for Excellence in Real Estate. The expectation is that Jim Smith lives up to his reputation as a competent and capable leader who will take the real estate association down a path that will be a glorious tale. The real estate association is ready to work together with him to make that a reality and have the loopholes fixed. Once again congratulations to you Jim Smith.


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