Average Canadian Salary

According to Statistics Canada, the average non-farmer worker got paid on average $971 last year. This number has gone up by 1.2%. However, it is not so across the board. But for people who find themselves in the information and cultural industries, got paid $1,350.48/week—that is a 10% increase.

Those in the finance and insurance saw theirs go up 10%. It is now at $1,342.15.

And who were the biggest earners, you ask? Well, you may be surprised to find it is the men and women in the oil, mining, quarrying and gas sector will an increase of 5.1%, bringing their weekly paycheck to $2,096.62. 

This is where the average salary in Canada is at right now. As the years go by, there will hopefully be further improvement. The world is getting expensive in every sense and people need more to take care of their families and other responsibilities.


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