Protestors Being Maltreated?

The defiant lot that refused to give up and go back to their homes have been and will continue to be arrested by the police as they protest the pipeline.

The camp that was set up has been called home to many a protestor who have been there for a over year. Some went peacefully but the rest created fires, and put up a fight. Police officers from different precincts and departments were brought in to control the situation.

The situation escalated at one point: riot police came in dressed in riot gear, Humvees and choppers everywhere as thought the protestors were violent refugees.

It is sad to see how far Americans have come with its relationship with the real Americans. Oh, right. They haven’t gotten far. Still oppressing and taking what does not belong to it.

The Americans should have their land back. But with Trump as President, that is not about to happen any time soon.


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