Medicinal Marijuana taken to another level

The term “recreational marijuana” still makes some people uncomfortable. The herb is used to control and treat many ailments. So here is what one company is doing: InMed Pharmaceuticals is breaking the plant down to the over 100 substances it possesses to treat anything from glaucoma to skin diseases.

The company is close to getting one of its products on the market; the product—a cream—is for the treatment of epidermolysis bullosa. It is a potentially fatal skin condition suffered by half a million children all across the globe.

The chief medical officer of the company—Dr. Ado Muhammad is curious to find out which of the components in the herb treats which illness.

He is the one who made a treatment for severe epilepsy during its tenure at the British-U.S. firm, GW Pharmaceuticals. The treatment involved cannabis.

The company is obviously not interested in the whole recreational marijuana movement. He and his colleagues are focused solely on the medical side and that is just wonderful.


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