Toronto buyers attracted to co-owning in the midst of high prices

As the struggle to own a home in Toronto continues, many buyers are figuring alternative measures to get over the high cost of purchasing a house, and one of such popular alternatives which is co-owning. The average home price in Toronto continues to soar as buyers are trying to pin point other options. Buying a home in the city is no longer an easy task to fulfill hence the momentum for other alternatives of owning a home is increasing.
With the change in home-ownership trend, real estate agents are also evolving and one of such agents is Lesli Gaynor who instead of aiding people to buy their own houses, is helping people to bring together people that are want to do co-operative purchasing. In an effort to help buyers that are finding it difficult to buy a home, her company, GoCo Solutions is aimed at making smooth co-ownership transactions with buyers. Co-housing is becoming the favorite option for many Canadians and not only does it gives residents the pleasure of buying a homes, it also cuts down on economic expenses, build stronger relationships between residents and also reduces on the intensity of home vacancy.
Many Canadians over the year have been applying to various companies that are related to co-ownership. Companies have been going out to promote co-ownership most especially at a time when Canada has large number of millennials with low incomes, older people planning on retiring, coupled with high home prices that are preventing many from entering the real estate market. Although many Canadians might want to own a home on their own, the current market situation does not permit that. Co-ownership however is one of the only few available options and even one might be skeptical about the risk, residents in the form of ownership can decide on how the living arrange would be ones they acquire the property.
Nevertheless, there are definitely some challenges to be encountered particularly in most cases the type of partner one decides to co-own with.


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