Financial Issues Facing Female Investors

Strategic Insight most recent data has made us privy to the information that high net worth females that possess over $500,000 in assets that can be invested is forecast to hit $2.1 trillion in 7 years time; in 2014. the number was at $940 billion!

There is a difference in the way men and women invest and handle their money: men tend to be solely focused on making money without stressing saving, too much whilst their counterparts are more interested in creating a future for themselves and families.


So what are risks, exactly?

Since there is more equality among men and women now, there is a higher chance for these women to be the sole breadwinners of their households.


Women tend to mix business and marriage

No one likes the fact that marriages end. Yes, it is sad but one must accept the facts and unexpected happenings of life. Having said that, women sometimes refuse to separate and protect their assets before coming into a marriage.



Here at the stats: 30% of women in Canada are the breadwinners of their families. Therefore, women should save more money as they age for the future.


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