Pokémon Go Receives Enormous Success Since Release

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week of so, you have probably already heard of the new mobile gaming sensation gripping most countries in the planet, Pokémon Go.

The app, which was already launched in countries like the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, has now made its way to Canada as well as 26 European countries. It was launched in the above-mentioned countries on the 6th of July but was only made available to Canadian consumers on Sunday, the 17th.

Nevertheless, it has received massive acclaim from its North American release, crashing download servers merely moments after it became available, an hour to be specific. The game is based on an augmented-reality setting and is available for iOS and Android phones. Players are sent into the outside world to search for and capture the fantasy and sometimes rare creatures known as Pokémon. One of the aims of the game is summed up in the catch-phrase that usually accompanies the series title: “Gotta catch em’ all”.

Part owners of the series and Japanese based game developing gurus, Nintendo, have seen incredible amounts of success since the release of Pokémon Go. The profits Nintendo have experienced have become a just-as-worthy business news topic as the actual game’s announcement had been for the series’ enthusiasts.

Several news outlets have made reports on the colossal rise in Nintendo’s profits but Fortune.com’s report might prove ideal in giving us the bigger picture. The website reports that the gaming company has seen a 100% rise in profits since the game’s initial release on the 6th of July. As of today, the company’s capital has doubled and now sits at $42.5 billion. The series has also spearheaded record breaking numbers in relation to Nintendo’s subsequent share sales. Nintendo has now risen above rivals such as Sony in terms of market value thanks to Pokémon Go’s inception.

Say what you want about the actual game, but its release has got to be one of the most legendary and phenomenal occurrences to ever happen in the business aspect of mobile gaming. It might just turn out to be the most profitable gaming mobile app of all time, for a very long time.


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