Online real estate made available in Quebec

Local Logic a Montreal based Information Company that provides all the necessary information one require about real estate through the internet in collaboration with Centris® a technology company which gives quality information for professional real estate brokers in Quebec, is introducing a new innovative online real estate program which gives buyers and agent to go through all the information their need online.
Having difficulty in determining the best location of a home or trying to figure out the red flags in the neighborhood you want to buy your dream house will now become a things of the past. within the regions of Montreal, Quebec and Gatineau will provide a detailed environmental portrait in regards to properties that are up for rent or sale. Te program will include information such as the various means of transportation available in the area, the services provided, noise level of the environment, the businesses found in the areas and other social amenities.
Gabriel Damant-Sirois, CPO and Co-founder of Local Logic expressed his delight in partnering with Centric ®, highlight the relevance of information in the context of real estate. In providing necessary information, buyers and agents will be save the time to go through the tedious taste of getting information about an area they want to purchase a home. Buyers will also be linked directly with agents that offer properties that are within their search area.
Centris ® which is also partnering for the first time with Local Logic is very happy to be part of the partnership. Eric Charbonneau, president of Centris ®, stated that it is in their best to provide buyers and agents with quality real estate information. The partnership with Local Logic will also strengthen their innovation abilities in the real estate industry.


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