Canadian government makes amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations

It has come to the attention of the Canadian government that to Canadians have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle thanks to safe food supply, hence the as part of the Government of Canada’s dedication to safeguarding the health of people and also promoting the supply of healthy food, Health Canada announced that there will be changes made on the Food and Drug regulations which will allow the irradiation of ground meat to be sold.
After going through various evaluations, it came to the conclusion that getting meat through irradiation process is a better alternative to get rid of all diseases found in ground meat by Health Canada.
However according to Health Canada, irradiation is left to the discretion of various foods industry’s to make use of to treat specific foods to enhance on their quality and safety.
In the U.S. irradiation of frozen and fresh ground beef was approved in 1999. Over 60 countries globally have also approved of irradiation. Canada had previously proved of irradiation to treat potatoes, onions, wheat, flour, spices and seasoning preparations.
Nevertheless, irradiation is not uses as a replacement for existing food safety measure. It serves as an additional measure to boost on the production on healthy foods.
In the course of irradiation, food items are exposed to low levels of a type of energy referred to as ionizing radiation.
Irradiation is very vital in cutting down on the presence of bacteria’s such as E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter, preventing of early spoilage and makes food last longer.
In case of consumers getting worried ob a change in the quality of meat products when irradiated, ground beef maintains its nutritional value, taste, texture and appearance. Furthermore, food industries should also label irradiated food products. The Radura symbol must seen on all food packages.


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