Young high school students in the city of Toronto show their city ideas

A recent project in the city of Toronto persuaded young teenagers in high school to show their ideas for the city of Toronto.

A young high school student named Chantel Guo and two of her friends, Anya Sarvananadan and Jacky Duong (also high school students) pitched out their ideas on how to make King Street, Toronto a much better place to live or be in.

Firstly, they told us and the physical appearance of the street. The sidewalks are extremely narrow. The traffic extremely slow due to the fact that there are so many cars. The public transport cannot be relied on due to the fact that it is not regular and is not always accessible. The bus stops or areas where people wait to catch a bus are hardly warm during winter. In addition to all these, there are hardly any areas where one can access public WiFi or charge a phone in public. King Street, Toronto is a street meant and designed to be lived in by people that have cars and to the disappointment of some (i.e. young people mostly under the age of 18), they do not have cars or do not know how to drive.

Chantel’s ideas went quite a long way. On Sunday, there was a conference at Ryerson University, Toronto. Majority of the population of the people that came for the conference were other high school students. In this conference, they pitched their ideas on what should be given priority to make King Street, Toronto a better place to live in and be in even if you do not own a car or drive.


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