Changes To Be Done For The Sake Of Commuters In GTA

According to a report derived from Deloitte, the Greater Toronto Area has been failing in meeting the needs of commuters in terms of providing transportation amenities and facilities. Most commuters prefer driving to work, as they find it to be faster and efficient, whereas, using the transit services as most complain; the stations are too far from the GTA’s office buildings.

The GTA is reconsidering having the transportation facilities go through changes and make some serious amendments to ensure they can meet the needs of the commuters. Both the commercial and residential real estate sector needs to undergo changes.

The Deloitte’s Managing Partner for the Toronto Region, Ryan Brain said; “The commuter is missing from today’s conversation. We see the opportunity to focus on understanding—and fulfilling—the diverse needs of people grappling with how to get to and from work efficiently, now knowing that time is often the ultimate deciding factor in determining one’s commute.”

Deloitte also reported that in the next 30 years to come, the GTA are planning on making sure there are one million available jobs in places that have not been established nor found yet. Those locations will also not be restrained to just a commercial area. The company is reassuring the public that they will deal with the issue and execute their plans; which is mostly centered on the needs and requests of the daily commuters.


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