Trump To Likely Bring About Interest Rates Cut

Following the outcome of the United States presidential election earlier this week, analysts have made a revision which predicted a cut in the interest rate in Canada. It was first believed that the changes in Interest rate by the Bank of Canada would have taken a turn in the year 2018, however, it is now believed that the cut will come sooner than expected, most especially if the new White House policies will likely affect the exports.

The issue of the North American Free Trade Agreement was discussed and tackled by the Conference Board of Canada upon meeting.

President Donald Trump had promised the American citizens earlier that he had hopes to have the North American Free Trade Agreement negotiated on a benefiting term for Americans.

 The Board made note that they are not aware of what exactly will happen, neither are they certain if the policy will alter as to what was said during the election campaign. The Conference Board commented; “Canada should be concerned about potential protectionist policies, but should not panic.”


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