Donald Trump drops 220 spots on Forbes list of billionaires.

In the latest Forbes list of the world’s billionaires published on Monday, it estimates that Trump’s net worth has fallen by $1 billion US to $3.5 billion today, dropping him 220 positions to Number 544 on the worldwide magazine’s list of billionaires.

Although when he entered office he resigned from his businesses, but he still owns it. Forbes said its net worth is down because about 40 percent of his wealth comes from real estate in midtown Manhattan. And that its link to a drop in the value of real estate in midtown Manhattan.

While Trump’s fortune is estimated to be down, Forbes said the average billionaire’s fortune has grown by 16 per cent since the publication of the last edition of the rich list. That jump is partly attributed to the so-called “Trump bump,” the post-election rally in stocks that helped push the Dow Jones industrial average through the 20,000-point plateau and sent other market indexes to record highs.

Forbes posted that maybe Trump missed out on the stock market rally because that’s where he sold all of his stock holdings as he indicated during the election campaigns.

Rising oil costs are likewise referred to as another key explanation behind the ascent in the fortunes of some other of the wealthy individuals on the Forbes list.

Forbes says, Not the greater part of the news is awful with regards to Trump’s monetary circumstance. Midtown Manhattan is seeing something of a pickup, and the estimation of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago retreat in Florida has gone up by an expected $25 million.

The estimation of Trump’s inn management and licensing business is additionally assessed to be up by evaluated $97 million, on account of a general change in the hotel market.


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