Study Contends Canadian Not Over-taxed

A survey that was recently conducted showed to have proved the theory that Canadians are paying too much when it comes to tax. The report was derived from the Fraser Institute by the Broadbent Institute which made an open discussion about it at the annual Tax Freedom Day and made an estimate that most households in Canada pay about 40 per cent in tax. To make matters worse, the study by Macdonald-Laurier Institute mentioned that the tax burden is gradually growing.


With the help of a more precise arithmetical means of measuring, Broadbent can be able to use that to calculate the actual tax burden for an average family in Canada. It came down to a 24 per cent increase on tax burden for families, with income tax increase to 14 percent only for an individual worker between ages 25 to 54.


It revealed that just 2 per cent of the working class in Canada pay more than 30 per cent in income tax, with those getting paid for $250,000 or more, coming down to an average of 29 per cent. The study by Broadbent also noted that the tax burden in Canada in connection to GDP is less than most of its OECD peers.


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